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Based on 3657 reviews

i am war veteran of east timor

I love it

This is well worth the money spent. I had a hiccup with my shipping address but customer took care of it and I eventually got what I paid for

Perfect fit for my1999

I couldn't find or dream of anything that could have completed the thyme on my XJ and Bam there was these seat covers. The perfect fit for my jeep cherokee. Thanks

Until you send me my XL navy Jacket I will never order from you again!
I have answered you so many times and you have responded that you have all me information and yet you still fail to send me my replacement Jacket XL
if you want this Small you sent me I am happy to return it for the correct size.
I will write a bad, review for people to never do business with you guys...
I can't believe you guys are so unprofessional that you see that you sent the wrong size and you are not willing to replace it with the correct size????

Dog’s playing pool

The canvas is a great example for our new Airbnb game room. The picture is over our pool table. Great picture love it. ❤️


Hello. Product took a long time to get here and the hood part droops over Veteran on the back. I guess the word Veteran should be lower so everyone would know or everything on the back should be a little bit concise. Have no worn it out yet. Not to happy. Thank you


I just wanted to start by thanking y'all for making a wonderful jacket I mean it over exceeded my expectations and my boss really loved it they're both military men and he's such a great guy and he looks out for all of us and a great way and I just thought it would be great for him to have something like that especially since he doesn't have anything pertaining to his military background so the look on his face and everything was just priceless thank you again I really appreciate it and I'll be ordering my jacket really soon

Trout blanket is beautiful

I ordered the blanket for my husband. It is more beautiful in person than online. I had it personalized. He absolutely loves it! He’s an avid trout fisherman. It is such a wonderful quality!

Daughter loved it

She loved her hoodie very much, thank you

Sent the wrong size. Can’t seem to get this matter taken care off . Been back and forth with you guys . And can’t seem to get any where. All I want is for you to send me x large. And will send the small back

My husband Christmas

This was for my husband Christmas gift

Blankets for Vet's

The blanket was given to a Veteran who entered a nursing home around the Christmas season. It was well received by the Veteran and his family. Thanks for the quality product.

101st airborne Vietnam jacket
Stefan Topic 101st
Screaming Eagle Jacket

My wife bought this for me, and I like it very much. I have been outside with it and people like it very much, I would recommend it to all my Veteran friends. I will post the jacket on all the web site I am on, I will have to tell my wife to order other stuff on your site. 101st all the way.


I’ve order before and the jacket was beautiful bright and vibrant this time the jacket came with a full design and doesn’t look like the pics on the website. Contacted the company and I received the run around telling me to take pics of both products so I did to be told your pic is blurry but it’s not my pic it was the design on the jacket was blurry you can’t tell the design. Will not be ordering from this company ever again since they weren’t worried about a resolution

Review of purchase of US Army Combat Engineer Essayons Jacket

I must admit I was very pleasantly surprised when I received my US Army Essayons Jacket. I was concerned that my size of XXL would not translate correctly for American sizes and would still be smaller than I wanted. My concern was unfounded. The size cut, material quality, logos and printing were exceptional. I could not be more satisfied with this wonderful jacket. Thank you all for customizing this extremely high-quality product that will always remind me of my service to my country and the pride that I feel everytime I put this jacket on. I am already looking at purchasing Jacket #2 and have already advised other vets to purchase one from you. If you ever need me as a referral, please feel free to do so. Thank you again.

Be Proud

spoke at the Viet Nam memorial Wall in Washington D.C 7 Nov 2022. This jacket which I wore proudly was a tribute to all the serviceman/ women whom gave thier lives for this wonderful country known as The United States of America that we call HOME. Long may our Flag wave. RECON FOREVER!

Seabees jacket

The jacket is really nice, good colors and my dad says it's really warm for being a medium weight jacket. He has been very sick and this brightened his day. Thank you so much for a beautiful jacket.

Rangers Lead The Way(RLW)

this jacket surpassed my expectations. I live in the Hudson Valley of NY State so its the perfect jacket for the current weather, its well fitting and the graphics are awesome. i am a very happy and satisfied customer

Amazing product

I love my new Army Mom zip-up hoodie. The fabric on the inside and outside is so comfortable and the sizing was perfect.

Shirt came yesterday I'm wearing right now love it I will buy from them again great seller quality shirt prompt service

Great medium wt jacket, perfect for fall and spring. With a thermal it's good for winter too.

My New Hoodie!

I was very happy with your product! I expected it sooner, but the wait was more than worth it! The quality of your product was above my expectations. I'm a proud USAF veteran! My job was working on the terrain avoidance, navigation and bombing systems on B-52s! I was VERY fortunate to actually fly with B-52 crews, on numerous flights, on bombing missions over North Vietnam. My presence was required to make the missions possible and accurate. I wear my new hoodie proudly! Thank you!

Beautiful jacket

This jacket makes a great gift for that special veteran in your life. It’s light weight, yet functional. The color and design was just as represented on website.

I am a retired DC Metropolitan Police Officer and Army Veteran

I am very pleased with my new 3rd Infantry Division bomber jacket. I have already received compliments on the patriotism that went into making the jacket. I can't wait to show it off to my Dogface soldiers that attend church with me. Once again thanks for all you do

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