Custom knee high moccasins made to order

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Here I offer custom," made to order" knee hi moccasins. In one style you'll notice beaded rosettes on the toe, and bobcat fur at the top. These are but a couple of the variations available, the options are only limited by the imagination and the amount your willing to pay. As with all of the products I offer, the moccasins are hand stitched and assembled by myself. DUE TO THE CUSTOM FIT NATURE OF THE MOCCASINS I WILL NEED THE LENGTH OF YOUR FOOT FROM THE HEEL TO THE LONGEST INCHES AS WELL AS ANY OTHER VARIATIONS YOU MAY DESIRE. I personally prefer soft soles, however I can attach thicker leather soles if desired. These particular moccasins are wonderful for the deep woods and I have worn a similar pair for many yrs. having replaced the soles once. They are extremely comfortable, rugged and well suited to stalking, hunting, or just wandering the great outdoors. I have made moccasins for both men and women so don't be shy in asking for any size or style. Feel free to inquire for more information.( I REGRET THAT DUE TO ENDANGERED SPECIES LAWS MOCCASINS WITH MOST ANIMAL FURS ATTACHED CANNOT BE SHIPPED OUTSIDE THE U.S. WITHOUT AN ADDED $100.00 EXPORT FEE AND A LOT OF RED TAPE. HAVING SAID THAT, I'M WILLING TO GO THROUGH IT IF YOUR ARE)
Being a man of limited means or having children to raise it was always beyond my finances to afford many of the things I desired, so I hope I have priced these items within the reach of most folks. NOTE: Prices subject to leather and fur market prices. Carcajou