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NZ Possum fur moccasin slippers for men - total luxury for your feet !!!

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    These gorgeous Possum Fur Moccasin slippers are exclusive to Kozi Toez - you wont be able to buy them anywhere else in the world except from us.

    Buy with confidence - if you are not happy with the fit when you get your new slippers, I will happily swap them for a different size.

    These slippers are total luxury for your feet !!! They are made from New Zealand Possum fur inners with natural suede outers.
    We use one whole Possum skin for each foot, so no uncomfortable seams !!
    They come in any size up to around a mens 10 - sometimes larger, if I can get bigger skins.. We use both the natural brown and natural grey possum fur.

    The Australian Bushtail Possum is a pest here in NZ. It was introduced here in the early 1800's to establish a fur trade. As it has no natural predators here, the numbers quickly grew to epidemic proportions as it flourishes on our native flora and fauna. Our government spends millions and millions of dollars each year trying to eradicate them from our native bush.
    Because it has been declared a pest in NZ, we are allowed to use its fur, and it is environmentally sound to do so. The fur is super soft and fluffy. It is also a hollow fibre fur, like the polar bear, so has fantastic insulating properties. It also has antibacterial properties so eliminates foot odour issues !!!
    It is a totally different animal to the US Opossum, which has a much coarser fur.
    Available with 8 different colours of suede (tough old cow hide so they are very hard wearing) - black, dark brown, red, navy, light tan, dark grey, hot pink or green.
    With or without calf skin toes.

    When you are ready to order, I need the following information please:

    size - ladies or mens - please be specific as to which country's sizing you are using so I can get the size right.
    Outer suede colour: choose from black, dark brown, red, navy, light tan, dark grey, hot pink or green
    Possum fur colour: natural grey or natural brown
    toe colour: same as the suede colour or calf skin - your choice.

    We unconditionally guarantee our workmanship and quality of our products so you can order with confidence.

    Whilst these may seem a little on the expensive side, they do last a very long time and are made from top quality raw materials so they really are value for money. My current pair are 5 years old and whilst they are a tad shabby, I just cannot bring myself to replace them as they are just so super comfortable !!!

    I do not have a factory, or even staff so there may be a wee wait for your slippers, but I will get them to you as quick as I can.

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