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Great medium wt jacket, perfect for fall and spring. With a thermal it's good for winter too.

My New Hoodie!

I was very happy with your product! I expected it sooner, but the wait was more than worth it! The quality of your product was above my expectations. I'm a proud USAF veteran! My job was working on the terrain avoidance, navigation and bombing systems on B-52s! I was VERY fortunate to actually fly with B-52 crews, on numerous flights, on bombing missions over North Vietnam. My presence was required to make the missions possible and accurate. I wear my new hoodie proudly! Thank you!

Beautiful jacket

This jacket makes a great gift for that special veteran in your life. It’s light weight, yet functional. The color and design was just as represented on website.

I am a retired DC Metropolitan Police Officer and Army Veteran

I am very pleased with my new 3rd Infantry Division bomber jacket. I have already received compliments on the patriotism that went into making the jacket. I can't wait to show it off to my Dogface soldiers that attend church with me. Once again thanks for all you do

Wonderful jacket but not so fast.

Ok here’s the deal, this jacket is wonderfully made the colors are better than I thought they would be. This jacket I had custom lettering and they came out great, very clear and the spacing was perfectly done. is in my opinion is a first rate company. They did me a huge huge favor, you see I had this jacket custom made for my cousin who was a SR-71 Pilot Captain Buck Adams and with his RSO Major Bill Machorek set the record from (London to L.A. in 3hrs and 47min.). They put on my left sleeve, London to LA/ SR -71 and on my right sleeve, 3hr,47min,39.#972. The #972 represents the tail#17972. This plane is the one that is in the Smithsonian Institute. It has broke two other records also. Check it out. Anyway on the front left it say his and of course my last name Adams. This is what is great, I had asked if they could do me a huge favor and put both of there last names on the back of the jacked under the airplane. Seeing how all of this was done with not verification on there end I just had to wait and see if they had done the favor that I asked for. When it came with not that long of wait I was opening it up slow, it was packaged in three different bags. Wow they had done what I had asked for. I was so excited and thankful to this company that had gone out of there way to make sure all the printing was right because I needed to fly from Fresno Ca. To Washington D.C. in May and give this to my cousin Buck. Well as I was looking and admiring it I noticed the U.S. Flag was pointing in the wrong direction. So now what do I do my cousin Buck retired as a Brigadier General, from the U.S. Air Force so there is no way I could open my suitcase and present this to him. Don’t get me wrong yes I am very upset but I’m almost certain that will make this sad thing right. Please and I mean please could you send me one with the U.S flag pointing in the write direction. I hope people get to actually read this and it shows up in the reviews. Will see. Please make it right guys. Hey you guys just google SR-71 Pilot Buck Adams. I’m very proud of all these pilots that put the blanket over us at night so we could sleep safely. STAT THAT.

Broken Window Decal

I ordered the broken window dog decal and had it personalized with one of my dogs. I absolutely love it. It looks great and I hope to enjoy it on my vehicle for many years. I'm giving it a 5 star review.

I was sent the wrong masks...

I ordered the GIGN masks because I am a proud French Canadian who plays Rainbow Six. I do think Bernie Saunders would help much with international trade but it was not his slogan which I ordered! I am currently sending emails to Cristian at Family Loves to see if I can get the GIGN masks.

Tin Can Sailors U.S. Navy Destroyer Veterans Mask

Great colors and design. I served on the USS Sierra AD-18 home-ported in Norfolk, Va. in 1971 and 1972.

Thank you for bringing back special memories of my military service.

I will proudly wear this mask

Good looking jacket

The jacket is good quality and looks really good. However, the service was extremely slow; good luck trying to have someone call you back. I placed my order on Dec 4 and it was shipped to the wrong address the first week in January. Bottom line, customer service was poor but the jacket was good. The finished product was great with a nice design.

4th Infantry Division US Army Rank Insignia Face Mask

Well made, high quality, Patriotic 4th Infantry face mask! I am a Vietnam combat veteran, served in the 4th Infantry Division, and this is an item I am Proud to wear! Thanks to Family Loves! Proud Patriot-Oscar Barrientes

VN 1969

It’s to small, but I like it. My wife added material to cover my chin.

Army jacket

Love the jacket. It is well made and the details are incredible. I ordered a 3x and it’s a perfect fit. I would recommend this to any veteran. You will be taken care of and receive what product you buy fast. Great store.

navy vet jacket

unbelievable quality...nicer in person than the pictures can do justice to...husband absolutely loves it..great fit/fits true to size


DISAPPOINTED..stitching off in the center so you don't see the whole word navy..Looks like any when wearing. Gave 4 stars but should be a 3

Very Satisfied

I am very happy with the quality of my face mask. Everything is exactly as advertised.

Good Quality

It's made well except where they put a stitch right in the middle of the word RETIRED. Short of taking the stitch out, you can't read the whole word.

Autism News See The Able Not The Label T-Shirt Cute Autism Awareness T-Shirt Autism Statisticslegging And Tanktop
Fannie Ellis

I ordered this outfit only thing that received Twisted leggings I need the tank top extra large I'm hoping not to have to pay for it again that's why I was going to order the Trump that I seen this place to leave a comment so if you could please get back to me my email is Fannie home Ellis at thank you

Luv It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally! A blanket I can really get behind. This blanket is not only soft, but I also love the message. I may be born in June, though I think that doesn't really that much - I just loooooveeeee the April girl series. Don't hesitate! Sale ends in 23 hours. You will not regret 😉


I received my order. And I love them all ❤️

Death Dog Bomber Jacket

Hi guys this is my first review but this is also the maddest koolest jacket I've ever seen or had I love it to bits 😍
It also surprised me how soft and silky it feels I haven't taken it off all day
I gaurentee I'll be first in my town to own this MADD jacket but I doubt by time word gets round I'll be last so THANKS HEAPS MIKI 🥰😍😛😜

Nursing CNA Bandana
Amelia Garza

Thank y’all so much they’re beautiful and I received everything I ordered again thank you so much for y’all hard work as well God bless and take care and I will be ordering some more soon

I am truly grateful that l was able to keep the jacket and only pay the $20.00 for shipping. These jackets run small and the 2X that I purchase is too small for me. So to make a story short I have already ordered a 3 X. Thank you so much.

I love the coat wear it all the time the size fits perfect if I find another coat I like I will purchase it

Runs small need to order in xxl, Shows out of stock. Will you have more come in?Love the sweatshirt..Just a little small for my son....

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