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veterans issues

What Are The Issues That Every US Veterans Face?

Veterans are the people who have served on the battlefield – the situation that most civilians cannot even think about. Here is a short list of major unique problems suffered by veterans:

Behavioral Adjustment Disorders:

Many of us easily say that veterans are heavy drinkers and even smoke a lot, but how many of us have thought that why would men of rules and regulations do that? What caused them to choose this path? The reason is that they have adjustment disorders.Sometimes the traumatic events and sometimes the thought that I will not be able to wear this uniform cause them stress. They miss the members from their unit whom they left and who left them forever.They are overwhelmed by sadness and anxiety all the time. Sleeplessness and disturbed life which seems hard now cause a lot of behavioral issues in them. So they prefer to remain unconscious than face the reality.


In 2019, VA served more than 96,000 veterans and half the population had major amputations. Many veterans had lost their limbs over history. Some lost their fingers, some lost half of their hands, and many lost both of their hands. Some lost their arms and legs too. Can you imagine the life of a limbless person?A person having no limbs since his birth often learns to cope with life easily, but a person who was perfectly healthy suddenly lost one of his limbs and is now dependent on others. Not only this but amputations also increase the risk of other diseases as the person becomes weak and is unable of taking care of himself.

Dangerous Exposures:

The first thing that comes to mind after hearing the word war is a bomb blast. It takes the lives of many and leaves others with harmful radiation. Agent orange is also a harmful mixture of herbicides that is aimed at cutting down all the trees from the battlefield not letting the enemy hide among them.Besides it, there are many other chemicals, bioweapons, and hazards that they encounter throughout their services. These things greatly affect the mental and physical health of the veterans and the soldiers.

Mental Health Disorders:

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one of the major disorders that many veterans suffer after leaving their services. Depression becomes a part of their lives. Headaches, dizziness, anxiety, anger, mood swings, and insomnia become their comrades.They often have heartaches of losing a beloved companion or a partner in the war or some have the guilt of not being able to save their companions from dying and spent most of their life thinking that they are the murderers. In fact, many veterans have committed suicide for not being able to cope with their lives.

Help Veterans Get Discharged Happily:

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