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Veterans Flags

Are There Any US Veterans Flags to Represent Them?

Before going into the details of the veterans flags, let’s have a general look at flags and their purpose. People give a lot of respect to a piece of cloth with a mere sign on it, why? Definitely, it is not about the piece of the cloth but about the sign and the thing that […]

Veterans Medals

US Veterans Medals: Can a Veteran Wear Medals

Just like the uniform, veterans medals are allowed to be worn. More than a decade ago, veterans were not ready for wearing their medals and ribbons in the public but in 2006, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) motivated all the veterans to wear their medals and decorations on different occasions. They told veterans that […]

common challenges

Common Challenges Veterans Face When Returning Home – Unknown Problems

What are the common challenges that every veteran face while returning home? Let’s break this; Other than the military, almost all the professions have something in common – they are civilians. They don’t stick by strict rules and regulations, and much other stuff. When a military personnel leaves his services and becomes a veteran, he […]

vocational rehabilitation

Do US Veterans Get Vocational Rehabilitation? – The Complete Analysis

Veterans who suffer from disabilities, either mentally or physically or both, are given vocational rehabilitation after they are discharged from their services. It is done to bring them back to a normal life. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) had officially started a program called Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) to aid these veterans in […]

Disability Compensation

Do US Veterans Get Disability Compensation?

Did you know what if a veteran gets disabled, does he gets any disability compensation? Fighting on a battlefield is always full of risks and hazards of getting one’s physical and mental health damaged. Veterans are most susceptible to getting disabilities. After they are done with their services they are unable to earn on their […]

Veterans Alive

How Many US Veterans Alive?

Did you know how many US veterans alive and do we need to worry? The population is something that keeps varying. The same goes for the veteran population. Let’s start with the World War 2 statistics. According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, more than 16 million Americans served in the war but among […]

Dog Tags

Can U.S. Veterans Wear Their Dog Tags?

Dog tags originated in America back in the 19th century as soldiers were afraid of getting buried in unnamed graves. Back then, tags were small circular plates with soldiers’ names engraved on them. In 1899, Chaplain Charles C. Pierce made a request to make these tags official for soldiers as they helped in the identification […]


Can U.S. Veterans Use the USO?

USO stands for United Service Organizations and many people don’t know what’s the abbreviation for yet they have the complete details of what the organization does. It is a non-profit, private organization that cares for the militaries, soldiers, and veterans from the time they have enrolled, during their service, and after they have been discharged. […]


Can U.S. Veterans be Recalled?

They said once you join the military, you can be recalled anytime whether you left the military after 180 days as a veteran or after 20 years as a retiree. In wartime or in case of any national emergency, the veterans can be recalled for the active duty as it is the need of time. […]

Home Loan

Can US Veterans Get Home Loan?

According to the records of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), there are more than 40,000 homeless veterans as of 2021. Keeping in view this number, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) decided to give veterans a house loan so that they can buy and build or renovate their homes. Since […]

Protected veterans

Difference Between Protected veterans and Unprotected Veterans?

Some veterans belonging to certain categories are referred to as protected veterans as per Vietnam Era Veteran’s Readjustment Assistance Act (VEVRAA). They have been protected from society by giving them certain rights including the right to employment. They are protected as no one can harass them or treat them lowly. Even at work, they are […]

Veteran Uniform

Can US Veterans Wear Their Veteran Uniform?

Every wanna know if US veteran Wear Their Veteran Uniform. But, what’s the answer? Uniform is an essential part of the military lifestyle. All kinds of militaries have different styles and colors of their uniforms and they have to abide by their dress code. A lot of modifications have been made to military uniforms in […]


Who is a US Veteran?

The term veteran has been derived from the Latin word veterans which mean old or aged. At present, the term is used to describe a person who has actively served in the military and is serving no more. It does not matter whether he served in naval, ground forces, or air services. Moreover, it also […]

What is Veterans Day?

What is Veterans Day?

What is Veterans Day? Veterans Day is a government vacation in the USA observed every year on November 11, for honoring armed forces veterans, that is, individuals who have actually offered in the United States Army . It coincides with other vacations consisting of Armistice Day and also Remembrance Day which are celebrated in various […]

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